The Ghostbusters Level Pack for LEGO Dimensions dropped this week, compressing the classic comedy down to about a half hour while still hitting all the beats.

So I took that half hour of gameplay and condensed it down to under seven minutes. Every plot point is there—just imagine some standard LEGO-style fighting and driving and you’ve got the drift.

The half hour number doesn’t take into account collecting all the bits and uncovering all of the secrets—a completionist could probably squeeze an hour and a half out of the core adventure, and several hours out of the free roaming adventure level unlocked once the story level is done.


Add it all up, toss in tiny LEGO Peter Venkman and his accessories—a miniature Ecto-1 and a rather large trap—and I’d say the whole package justifies one of LEGO Dimensions’ $35 Level Packs.


The Ghostbusters story level is a bit beefier than the Back to the Future level pack that dropped at the game’s launch, but it suffers from the same issues—cutting down a beloved classic and tinny voice clips captured from the original instead of new voice work. I do appreciate repurposing some of the existing dialog into fresh gags, and I love that much of the soundtrack is intact (“Saving the Day”). Still, I much prefer the Doctor Who and Portal 2 levels, with original stories and new voice recordings.


Speaking of Doctor Who and Back to the Future, this week also saw the release of the Cyberman and Doc Brown Fun Packs (one character and an accessory.vehicle), as well as the Harley Quinn and Joker DC Comics Team Pack. I’ll take a look at those over the weekend. For now, busting makes me feel okay.

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