LEGO Car Has LEGO Engine, Actually Drives

"The Super Awesome Micro Project", as this has become known, is not a special effect. That really is a life-size car made out of LEGO, and it really is being powered by an engine made out of LEGO.


Built from 500,000 bricks, the engine (four orbital engines with a total of 256 pistons) uses compressed air to propel the car. OK, so it won't hit the speeds you'd get from a real hot rod (it tops out at 20-30km/h), but a real hot rod can't match this for fuel economy or awesomeness, either.

It was built by a Romanian kid and an Australian entrepreneur, and is currently turning heads in Melbourne.

Life Size Lego Car Powered by Air [YouTube]


So is it just Lego bricks built around a metal frame? Cause if that's the case, not to be an asshole downer, but that's not that cool. Though plenty of praise for the time spent putting all the bricks together with those sweet face rims.

Feel free to flame correct me if it is in fact that cool.