Lego Batman Cartoon In The Works

Batman has been the subject of plenty of cartoons over the years. There have been cartoons based on the comics, cartoons based on the movies, so why not cartoons based on a Batman video game? Speaking to at the Games Convention last week, Traveller's Tales producer Rich Earl revealed that a TV show based on their latest Lego project is indeed in the works. The show is being produced by a separate studio in the states, using TT's assets to bring classic Batman characters to life.

"My understanding is that they will use the engine, the Maya files where the characters come to life, but they'll be creating animated... I think it's a 20-minute cartoon. I'm personally quite intrigued to see how it comes out. Lego, every time they've had a new brand out, they've done some CGI stuff as well, but I think this will be quite different."


This would be a perfect opportunity to bring Adam West back into the Batman fold, as I can't see Batman: The Animated Series lead Kevin Conroy's voice coming out of Lego Batman's little round head. 20-minute Lego Batman cartoon in works []

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