Left Behind | One gamer's entry in Gizmodo's outstanding Rapture Bomb gallery. Do yourself a favor and check it out.

PSP Games Coming to PS3 With HD Visuals, Extra Content

Sony today unveiled a new initiative whereby select PlayStation Portable titles will be ported to the PlayStation 3, with improvements made along the way to (hopefully) make the whole thing worthwhile. More »


Reconsidering Mafia II in the Lights of L.A.

Mafia II was disappointing for other reasons, but I want to replay it now that I've spent a solid week playing and replaying L.A. Noire. Yes, both are crime thrillers set in postwar America, but that's not their chief similarity. They're open-world games that, in ways large and small, are both linear, sometimes rigidly. And if L.A. Noire splits, in the popular mind, the 10-year arranged marriage of open world to sandbox, then it should be acknowledged that Mafia II had the unhappy duty of taking a crack at it first. More »


My Workout Partner is a Role-Playing Game

If there's one thing I am highly motivated to do, though, it's grind through a role playing game. That I can deal with. Give me an XP total, give me a level, put a set of quests in front of me and I will power through them and rank up. That's why I find something like Fitocracy so intriguing. More »


Fox News Debate of Federal Funding for Games Goes About Like You'd Expect

Here's a video that is uncomfortable to watch on two levels. The first is that I feel terrible for Brian Ambrozy, the editor-in-chief of Icrontic, who is appearing on Fox News to try to explain why and what kind of video games are now eligible for federal arts funding. The second is the nonstop assault Fox and its counterpoint ringer make on one's intelligence. More »


Fatigue Ends Q*Bert World Record Bid

It was estimated that George Leutz would have to play Q*Bert for more than 70 hours -nearly three days straight- to break a 28-year-old all-time world record. If you, like me, wondered if there was some way to stick Q*Bert in the corner of the board and grab a nap during the record attempt, evidently there isn't.. More »


Evidently, there were enough people who believed the Rapture would happen yesterday to make it a national news event. Yet I know of no one who believed this, nor anyone who knew of anyone who believed this. It's like bad drivers. They're everywhere, but you're sure as hell not one. –Owen Good

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