This weekend, a location test for Left 4 Dead's arcade game kicked off in Tokyo. While the idea of a Left 4 Dead arcade game might sound great, the reality of one doesn't seem like it.

On Twitter (via My Game News Flash), many players sounded off about the game. There were reports of bugs, which, to be honest, is somewhat expected for a location test, even if it apparently flustered the staff. But bugs didn't seem to be the biggest problem (hey, they happen!). More concerning was whether or not this was even necessary. Because, while Left 4 Dead works great at home, the game might not be suited for an arcade port—or even need one.

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Asks Twitter user TATSUu, "If you take a great game and port it to arcades, will it be a great game? Of course not! This is proof of that."


There were comments that the arcade cabinet's mouse was smallish, and obviously, players cannot set its sensitivity. Twitter user Umacafe said the degree of difficulty was "so-so," and that the controls were also "questionable."

One player didn't like how after you kill the zombies, they disappear super quick. Another agreed that the anime voice acting was "the worst."


Some players noted the price—namely, that 300 yen (around $3), gets you 15 minutes of play. To continue, you can insert another 100 yen ($1) for another 270 seconds.


Okay, it's an arcade game, and this is how arcades roll, so I don't think you can really hold that against the game. That is, unless you own a PC or a home console and are actually thinking of buying the game. Then, yes, this isn't really the best deal.

"Playing Left 4 Dead's arcade version once was enough for me," wrote ojisama2828.


Not everyone disliked the game, however. One said it was "somewhat fun," and another added that the controls were easy to use.

"If these people exist who want to play this at a game center," tweeted TATSUu, "then why not play it? I won't."

アーケード版『レフト4デッド』ロケテストの感想まとめ!不評の声が多い模様「家でやれば十分」「マラソンゲー」「アニメ声と相性最悪」[My Game News]

タイトー「LEFT 4 DEAD -生存者たち-」ロケテストレポート [Impress Watch]

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