It never rains Valve merchandise, it pours. Hot on the heels of the news the company will be releasing statues and props based on its favourite franchises comes word a line of Left 4 Dead plushies are also on sale.


There'll be five in total, with the first available being everyone's favourite undead fatty, the Boomer. He'll cost $50, and in a nice touch, was designed not by some nameless company in China, but by Alexandria "beavotron" Neonakis, creator of the amazing Valve Christmas cards.

$50 sounds like a lot for a plush, but he's not just for cuddles, as when squeezed he'll emit one of ten pre-recorded sounds. Presumably eight of them are some kind of gurgling noise.

Some of the other plushies in the pipeline include the Witch and Tank.

L4D2 Boomer [Valve]

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