Left 4 Dead Will Be Free! (For 24 Hours)

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As of 00:01 GMT this Friday, Valve's spectacularly-popular zombie shooter Left 4 Dead will be made free to download over the company's Steam digital delivery service.


Yes, instead of spending $40 on the game, you can spend $0. The catch? The offer's only good for a 24-hour period, and once that 24 hours is up, the "free" game will be locked, and you'll need to pay up to play up.

If your connection is slow and you're worried you'll spend 23 of those 24 hours downloading the game, don't worry, you can pre-load it now and then just flip the switch on Friday morning.



Just bought this game yesterday, with a 3G modem (LAN sucks).

I was really contemplating if buying a separate connection and paying a monthly fee, as opposed to free but crappy LAN, was worth it just to play this game.

I just played one hour, one, and I was hooked. Would have played all night if I didn't have to work today.

The Valve guys aren't fools, they know that once you taste the glorious online experience, you'll be hooked.

Pure genius.