Left 4 Dead Wiki Desecrated To Add Fifth Survivor, Who Is Now Canon, That's The Rules

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In the original Left 4 Dead, there were four survivors: Francis, Bill, Louis and Zoey. Anyone reading through the game’s wiki, however, will think there’s actually a fifth cast member: Purple Francis.


As some digging from @thinkiamsad and @jiimjaam_ turned up over the weekend, user Lucythorkelson logged on to the wiki on February 12 and went to town, creating the character (complete with his own bio) then going to the trouble of scouring the rest of the pages and dropping casual mentions of him alongside other survivors to make it look like he had always been there.

In the elevator, Zoey asks Purple Francis if he likes monster movies, to which Purple Francis says that they aren’t that good. Zoey, upon hearing this, mumbles to herself and looks away angrily. When Zoey dies, Purple Francis is less saddened by her death, stating that “she’s the type to hold grudges”, referencing her decreasing liking to Purple Francis after his comment on monster movies. Fans see this as a prediction to Zoey’s dislike towards Bill’s actions in The Sacrifice comic, yet Valve has stated that it was simply a coincidence. When Purple Francis dies, Zoey states that he was a great man, and regrets acting badly towards him due to what he said on monster movies.

Defacing a wiki is usually a tedious pain in the ass, but I can get behind it when it transcends to this level of universe-building.

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You know. If the rest of you were purple, you’d be like family.”―Purple Francis