Learn StarCraft From A "Full Blooded Korean"

There's lots to learn about in StarCraft. The entire nation of South Korea seems fixated on the game — with tournaments and TV programs. You could say it's the country's national (digital) pastime!

So if you are going to really learn StarCraft, then ByunTae wants you to learn it from an "authentic Korean". That's right, not a fake Korean, an authentic one. From his Craigslist posting:

Hi, my name is ByunTae from South Korea. I have been playing Starcraft since 1998 and I was born and raised in Korea. I'm 100% full blooded Korean, meaning I have been gifted with unparallel talent to master any video game, particularly, Starcraft: Brood War. I'm also experienced in Counter-Strike, I am able to perform bunny hops, my best score on a public 32 player game was 171-2 with 170 kill streak. I'm offering my expertise in Starcraft to be taught to non-Koreans that wishes to have the skill of a Korean player.


ByunTae goes on to claim he's advised and coached Korean pros and will teach you unit management, map strategies, how to use in-game bugs to your advantage, and even basic Korean "to communicate with Koreans on Battle.net". He goes on to add:

My lessons will result in:
Faster APM (actions per minute) - average professional gamers range from 250-550. Average player is about 100.
Better Win/Loss Ratio
Chance to become a professional gamer in Korea - Celebrity status, especially for foreigners, like Guillaume Patry (Grrr...) and Bertrand Grospellier (Elky)
Bragging rights, that you're as good as a Korean in Starcraft
You will be called a hacker because you're so good.
Korean girls will be intrigued that you're such a good Starcraft player.

My lessons are offered to only non-Koreans or American born Koreans because they lack the blessing from the Gaming God, Norazi.

The price of this "authenticity" starts at twenty-five bucks an hour.

Starcraft lessons from authentic Korean (richmond / seacliff) [Craigslist Thanks AJ!]


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