Did you know the infamous pirate Blackbeard (I hear he's scarier in real life) carried no fewer than six flintlock pistols with him at any given time because they took so long to reload?

You wouldn't know it from playing Assassin's Creed—Connor is really good at reloading those pistols—but that's what Youtuber XboxAhoy says in his new video exploring the origins of dual-wielding firearms. He also says that Shigeru Miyamoto, the beloved creator of Mario, Zelda and more, may be responsible for the first instance of unrealistic dual-wielding in video games.

Of course, trying to aim and control two guns at the same time is completely impractical in real life, but since when have video games been constrained by the real world's rules? That's part of the fun, and ever since I started dual-wielding shotguns in Goldeneye 007 on N64 I've been sold on the two-gun tango.

Even if you don't agree, though, at least video games aren't entirely to blame. According to the video, it's really Hollywood's fault!