Leaker Shows Off Supposed Skyrim: Dragonborn Screenshots, Details

Skyrim's next piece of downloadable content, Dragonborn, is out tomorrow for Xbox 360.


Can't wait til then? One person claiming to be a beta tester has sent some screenshots and alleged details about the new DLC to the website TheOuthousers.com. I've asked Bethesda whether or not this stuff is real, and will update if they respond, but for now, here are some of the highlights from the alleged leak.

Potential Dragonborn spoilers follow.

Perhaps the most interesting detail is the list of achievements, which, if real, would confirm the rumor that you can tame and ride dragons in Dragonborn.

  • Outlander - Arrive on Solstheim (20 G)
  • Raven Rock Owner - Own a house in Raven Rock (20 G)
  • Solstheim Explorer - Discover 30 Locations on the island of Soltheim (30 G)
  • The Temple of Knowledge - Complete "The Temple of Miraak" (20 G)
  • The Path of Knowledge - Complete "The Path of Knowledge" (20 G)
  • At the Summit of Apocrypha - Complete "At the Summit of Apocrypha (40 G)
  • Hidden Knowledge - Learn the secrets of 5 Black Books (40 G)
  • Stalhrim Crafter - Craft an item out of Stalhrim (20 G)
  • Dragon Aspect - Learn all 3 words of Dragon Aspect (20 G)
  • DragonRider - Tame and Ride 5 dragons (20 G)

According to the leaker, the DLC starts off with cultists coming after you, calling you "the false Dragonborn." You find a note on their bodies that leads you to a ship at Windhelm, which you can then take to Solstheim, the continent brought back from Morrowind. You can then explore and quest your way through the new continent.

The leaker has also got purported lists of some of the new spells, weapons, armor, and locations in Dragonborn.

Head on over to TheOuthousers for the full leak. Or just wait til tomorrow for the actual DLC.


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