Still waiting to see the latest Left 4 Dead 2 cinematic trailer? Wait, my ass, 'cause this pre-rendered introduction to the people, places and infected things of Valve's sequel has "leaked" a bit early.

Don't expect to see too much new here, but at least you'll get a peek at portions of the "Hard Rain" and "Dead Center" campaigns, also previously leaked. While poring it over, there's only one potential new addition, as trucker hat enthusiast Ellis has his shotgun knocked away by one of the infected, just before getting tongue lashed by a Smoker — which, by the way, looks to be cosmetically unchanged from his northern buddies. Not necessarily a new gameplay facet, but it would be an interesting one...

This montage of pre-rendered stuff makes it appear that we'll be treated to more than just an opening cinematic, as in the original Left 4 Dead, with the second possibly getting cut scenes before each chapter.

Of course, things can change and there may be nothing more to this that cinematic flair, but ... I'll stop typing. Just watch the clip. Again and again and again.

Thanks for the heads up, Breadtruck!