Leaked Aliens RPG Footage Offers Early Look At Canceled Game

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Obsidian Entertainment's Aliens role-playing game for Sega, known commonly as Aliens RPG and less commonly as Aliens: Crucible, is dead. But recently leaked footage of Aliens RPG means it is still not yet forgotten.


Footage of the canceled Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC game sneaked out this weekend, offering "an extremely early pre-production build" according to Matthew Rorie, PR/Marketing Producer at Obsidian Entertainment. We got an even earlier look at the Aliens RPG when much of the game's concept art leaked, but this is the first time we've seen the game in motion.

How does it look? Extremely early is as good a description as any, as is "extremely dark." There's very little here that would give one the impression of what the final Aliens RPG product would look and play like, showing not much more than some rough gunplay, a handful of barely lit environments and some familiar Aliens sound effects.

Fortunately for Obsidian Entertainment and fans of non-traditional RPGs, the developers other project Alpha Protocol, looks like it will ultimately release. It would have been interesting to see if Obsidian could pull of western RPG gameplay with the Aliens license, but it looks like we're seeing just about as much of Aliens RPG as we ever will.

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Intriguing. It's hard to form any real oppinion about the video, but the concept of an Aliens RPG is pretty sound I'd say. I mean there's definitely more potential with the franchise then just "shoot to kill", which as much as I love the AvP games, is pretty much what they are.