Buried in League of Legends’ characteristically dense patch notes last night, developer Riot Games revealed a seemingly small, but ultimately very important detail: they were going to make Master Yi’s dance scale with his movement speed.

Yi is a famously quick-footed assassin in League who’s probably best known for the way he can blink into a fight, shred you and any other teammates in his immediate vicinity, and then rush back out and start healing themselves before you’ve had a chance to collect your thoughts. His super-fast movement speed is one of his defining characteristics, then—one of the things you build for when selecting in-game items to beef up his base stats. And since this is League of Legends, the moment Riot revealed they were buffing Yi’s dance moves, fans rushed to find out just how fast they could make the little samurai warrior go.

The most hilarious attempt to push Yi to his limits came from YouTuber Michał Gumulak, who found he could sync the samurai’s movements perfectly with the internet-famous song “Running In The 90s”:

He was also kind enough to explain how to achieve this level of dance mastery on Reddit. Like many things in League, nailing Yi’s dance time so it matched perfectly with the EDM beat came down to buying the right items, and then positioning yourself correctly:

To achieve this movement speed you need to be standing on a rift scuttler movement speed field with mobility boots (green upgrade) and some sort of a small movement speed buff. 6% from statikk shyv should work just fine, I used zephyr’s 10% in the video example and it was a tiny bit too fast.


He also posted an extended clip showing how he achieved the optimal dancing speed:

Oh League of Legends. Sometimes I wonder if this is more a game or an instant meme generator.