“Sometimes I swear that bird is just showing off,” Quinn will often say in League of Legends. I don’t think she meant it like this.

Quinn is a ranged champion in League of Legends who fights with a mechanic crossbow and a big fearsome-looking eagle on her shoulder. Except for when she triggers her ultimate ability, which swaps Quinn out for her bird, who’s named Valor. Normally the champion switches back a to Quinn+bird a moment later, but a hilarious new bug keeps her in bird mode permanently.


In this clip captured by YouTuber Aspiire To Be, you can see Quinn (or, technically, just Valor now) get killed by the enemy support in a team fight, resurrect in bird form (already an odd sight), and then...never really stop being a bird:

As Quinn herself says: “Val’s stealing all the glory again.”

Aspiire’s description of the video says that the glitch is triggered in one very specific situation: when Quinn, in her bird mode, gets killed when the zombie champion Yorick is on her team and has cast one of his specific abilities on her, “Omen of Death.” Normally, Omen of Death summons up a spirit form of one of Yorick’s allies, which will then sacrifice itself to revive the actual champ if he or she is killed. With the bug, things worked a little differently:


-Get ulted by yorick while in bird form


-Get resurrected while still in bird form

-Die once again

-Respawn as Quinn Valor transformation PERNAMENTLY

-Keeps attack speed, not movement speed, acts as a melee champion. Harrier proc has the same animation as found in human form

-Quinn’s ultimate does nothing following the completion of the glitch.

Val is pretty beastly melee fighter, so it’s not like the switch is necessarily a bad thing...unless you need ranged damage, of course. Maybe League of Legends should think about adding a champion that’s just a gigantic ferocious bird.

Oh wait, they already have one of those too.

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