Cliff Bleszinki’s Free-to-Play Shooter Is Called Lawbreakers, Coming Next Year

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The former Gears of War designer has confirmed the name of his upcoming free-to-play shooter. The game is set in a world after “the shattering,” a cataclysmic event that permanently changes Earth’s gravity.

It’s not a huge surprise Bleszinski chose this time to announce Lawbreakers, as the world is currently waxing nostalgic over Gears of War, thanks to the first game getting a remastered edition on Xbox One this week.

In Lawbreakers, players are forced to choose sides. After a period of relative peace, tons of organized gangs have begun grabbing territory all over the world. They’re making a move on the US, and that’s where Lawbreakers picks up. Bleszinski described the game as “vertical,” with players having access to grappling hooks, jet packs, and other devices to get around.


Matches are currently set at five-on-five.

They haven’t shown any gameplay footage yet, but the game will be playable at PAX.

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Lawbreakers...? That’s the best they could come up with?