Laugh Through 16 Minutes of This Bubsy Collection Review

Have you ever played a Bubsy game? If you have, you're undoubtedly familiar with the lackluster controls and odd bobcat mascot who talks... a little too much.

If you haven't, JonTron is here to warn you to keep it that way. Leave your 90s gaming memories untarnished by this platformer.

I wouldn't normally recommend 16-minute long videos. Unless they're worth it. This one is worth it. With a line like, "No, whatever. You're right. I forgot that gumball machines are the cause of 200K deaths a year," how can you not laugh?


JonTron takes a look at the (hilariously terrible) Bubsy Games [Reddit]

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The first Bubsy for the SNES was pretty awesome, though. The controls were fine. The gameplay was Sonic the Hedgehog, only with less running and awesomely wacky world design.

I have fond memories of this game, and going back to my original cartridge, I can assure you that it wasn't nostalgia. Great game!

The sequels really do suck ASSSSSSSSSSS, though.