Sims Will No Longer Weed Chess Tables, And Other Great Sims 4 Patch Notes

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In anticipation of Friday’s Cats & Dogs expansion, The Sims 4 got a new patch today. Some of these fixed bugs are hilarious.


This patch is a doozy. Not only does it add new Build and Buy options—including new roofs and being able to make objects smaller—it fixes a considerable amount of bugs. Some of them are long-wanted fixes for annoying issues, like teen sims never putting their homework back in their inventory after they finish it. Others are just funny to read about:

  • Children will no longer float while drinking the essence from a Cow Plant.
  • Playing your old saves should no longer result in a mad rush for the restrooms.
  • Sims should no longer weed chess tables near their garden, when attempting to weed their garden.
  • Angry Sims with appropriate mischief skill levels, and Evil or Mean child Sims can once again stomp on puddles.
  • Angry writers will no longer only have the option to Write Furiously when choosing to Write Genre Book.
  • Attempting to complete the Smash Dollhouse whim by smashing a dollhouse will now award satisfaction points upon said smashing.
  • Sims should now sit when attending a wedding.
  • Instructing a Sim to eat from their inventory, while they are seated with a glass of water, will no longer cause adult Sims to pop up and down, and child Sims to float.
  • Now if you are taking a selfie you will be holding a phone.
  • We have increased the chance of alien abduction, slightly.
  • Non played adult Sims will no longer attempt to purchase child clothing, as it was preventing them from completing the checkout process.
  • We addressed an issue that could cause festivals to overlap one another due to the previous festival not properly cleaning itself up.
  • Sims will no longer fly away with a spin when choosing to Dream Big from a seated position.
  • Birds will no longer fly through the Jasmine Suite Apartments.
  • Babies will no longer become invisible in a mirror when picked up by a vampire.
  • We closed a hole in the world near the end of a sidewalk outside of Vlad’s home.

Check out the rest of the patch notes here. Make sure to update before Cats & Dogs hits!




Game is still my guilty pleasure. I end up playing it at least once a year, even if I haven’t bought any expansions in a while (Dine Out aside).