Last Year, The Pokémon Company Made More Money Than Ever

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In 2020, The Pokémon Company posted record profits, with a 21.2 percent increase in net profit compared to the previous year.


As Kantan Games explains, The Pokémon Company has disclosed its net profit in the past, with it reaching a record-high 18.6 billion yen ($170 million) last year. However, since The Pokémon Company is a private company, it is under no obligation to release a full breakdown of its finances. Despite this, for the first time, it has.

Sales reached 120 billion yen ($1.1 billion), while operating profit hit 27.8 billion yen ($254 billion).

Dr. Serkan Toto at Kantan Games points out that Nintendo, which has a 32 percent stake in the company, was a big winner from these strong numbers. Nintendo also saw its best numbers last year, with people staying home and playing games.

With the Pokémon titles coming out during this fiscal year, 2021 could be even bigger.

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And isn’t it the case that revenue from the console rpgs is only part of that, not even a majority? Just wild.