Last night, AMC's The Walking Dead came back on the air for the second half of its third season. I thought the first half of Season 3 was pretty strong, all things considered, and even liked some of the ways they moved away from the source material. I haven't always been the biggest fan of this adaptation, but they've certainly got my adaptation for the time being.

For tonight's off-topic/open thread, I thought I'd see what you all thought of the mid-season premiere. For my part: it wasn't the roaring return I was hoping for, but it wasn't terrible, either. I didn't buy a few of the performances, notably the crowd at Woodbury, who all seemed like over-excited extras. I'm also not sure about what they're doing with Andrea, who is maybe my favorite character from the books, and I thought her speech to the Woodbury residents felt forced. That said, some pretty good violence in parts, and I think Steven Yeun continues to do good work as Glenn. And I actually really liked how they handled Rick's break with reality toward the end. Considering what's likely coming for our heroes, it should be a hell of a ramp-up to the finale. (Though I do hope our heroes (and the showrunners) finally figure out what to do with Michonne.)

So, what'd you think? And if you could, please don't drop any comic-book spoilers for anything that hasn't happened on the show yet. Be cool to your fellow readers and if you absolutely must share a spoiler, drop a warning.

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