I'll take, "Things I don't know the first thing about" for a thousand, Alex.

On Friday's Jeopardy, the Final Jeopardy written question was: "The villains in this game were inspired by the swine flu epidemic scare." The three contestants' guesses were… not close to the actual right answer. You can see it go down in the video above, tweeted and posted by Erik Brudvig.

My favorite is the second lady, who puts a ruinously high bid on her guess that the ancient dragons in Skyrim were somehow inspired by the Swine Flu. Maybe she was thinking of the boars from Oblivion?

In all of their defense, I'm actually not sure I would have guessed the right answer, obvious-in-retrospect though it may seem. Still, pretty funny. This makes me want to go watch some Celebrity Jeopardy.

"We meet again, Trebek."