Last.FM Coming To Xbox Live

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Microsoft and Last.FM are making sweet, sweet music on the Xbox 360 this year, with the music listening and discovery service available free to Xbox Live Gold members.


A relative surprise delivered as part of Microsoft's 2009 E3 press conference, popular music community service Last. FM will be available as a free download for Xbox Live Gold subscribers later this year, allowing them to browse and listen to music, discovering new artists based on their preferences. As McWhertor put it in our live blog of the press conference:

Having on Xbox Live is something I didn't know I wanted. Now I do. Good get.

My sentiments exactly. This is exactly the sort of thing I can turn on and fall asleep to, and if there's one thing I need it's more excuses to fall asleep in front of the television.



I remember when this was a senseless little plugin on the web. Look how its grown!

For a moment I thought this was Pandora - who was it, again, that got Pandora?

Either way, new time wasting junk for live. Wooo. Wonder if it will include videos, like its online counterpart or if this will be strictly audio.