Last Chance To Be Batman At A Discount

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Batman's latest adventure, Arkham Origins, releases in just a few hours, which means that your time to take advantage of the various pre-order discounts available for the game is winding down quickly.

Pre-ordering from Amazon regardless of your platform nets you $10 credit along with playable Deathstroke DLC, which is a great deal. It's even better for PC gamers as the digital version of the game includes a free copy of Mortal Kombat Arcade along with the discount. Note: The Wii U version does not include the DLC as it does not exist for that platform.


If you don't care about Mortal Kombat Arcade and would rather save another $2.50, grab the PC digital version from Green Man Gaming for even less, or if you're new to the series, get all three games for a ridiculous discount. Both these options also include the Deathstroke DLC. Use code GMG25-GRV7N-YY833 for both of these deals.

Lastly, for PS3 and 360 owners, Toys R Us is doing a tomorrow only promotion where buying the game in store nets you a $20 Toys R Us gift card. Note that the gift card expires Feb. 1, 2014. You'll need this coupon if you want to go that route.


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"Last Chance To Be Batman At A Discount"

I always thought being a discount Batman would make you Catman.
Or maybe Owlman if you're feeling even more evil and cheap.

(Sorry it's been one of those silly days)