Lars Ulrich Explains Why Metallica Sided With Guitar Hero, Not Rock Band

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In an interview with Canadian radio station KBS, Metallica's outspoken and occasionally loathed drummer Lars Ulrich explains — albeit vaguely — why his band is a Guitar Hero band, not a Rock Band band. He says that the gang behind Guitar Hero was "ready to step up on a number of fronts and it's been great," whatever that means. "We had to make a decision, and it was one or the other, and we felt that Guitar Hero were more suited for what we were looking for," Ulrich said. You know, Lars, we may not be thinking of the same reasons, but that actually makes perfect sense.A handful of Metallica tracks have appeared in Harmonix's band game, but it sounds like Lars is implying that the band may be "proprietary" to Activision and Red Octane's brand, something CEO Bobby Kotick had warned us about. Harmonix reps told us earlier this year that the stealth- announcement of Guitar Hero: Metallica doesn't alter their own plans for more Metallica DLC. We've seen no new Metallica tracks added to Rock Band's library, with the exception of "Battery" from Rock Band 2. Ulrich also teases briefly about Guitar Hero: Metallica, the game that we all expect to see sometime in 2009. Lars Ulrich Tells Why Metallica Went With 'guitar Hero' [KBS Radio]



It's pretty obvious why Metallica sided with GH. Don't you see it?

The potential of Lars suing the asses off all those poor unsuspecting little kids who puts their own cover version of Metallica's songs on the GHTunes is just too great to resist.