Kyuss: Whitewater

Warning: things are about to get a little personal.

This is my favourite song of all time.

No, really. It's my favourite song on my favourite album from my favourite band, ever.


It's Kyuss at their best. Epic. Cruisey. Yet also bringing a rolling thunder. If Scott Reeder (bass) and Josh Homme (guitar) died tomorrow, this is how I'd want to remember them.

Soundtrack isn't news. It isn't video games. It's just Kotaku editors sharing music they dig. Enjoy!

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Cool song, it honestly sounds kinda like some post-metal put out these days, but I think the tuned down guitar is giving me that feeling. I'm not super into post-metal compared to post-rock, but I like enough artists in it, and this is nice too.

Lately I've been getting into Kerretta