Krazy Kart Racing Hits iPhone With Issues

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Konami's promised iPhone remake of Konami Krazy Racers hit the iTunes App Store earlier this week, but customer reviews and my own experiences show the game isn't quite working.


When attempting to launch the $8 game the iPhone goes to a black screen for several seconds and then returns to the iPhone's home screen. One of the five reviews in the App Store reports the same issue. Another says the game simply doesn't work.

The game, once it starts working, will include 16 race tracks, ten Konami characters and "five singleprayer modes", according to the official description. The description goes on to say that you can "chalenge up to 6 of your friends in rocal or internet wifi multiplayer mode."


Perhaps the application, and it's description, needed a once over before it was released on iTunes.

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geez did they translate using a japanese person that learned engrish late in their life?