KOTOR 2 Is Finally Finished

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Those that made their way through to the "end" of Knights of the Old Republic 2 will be aware that the game they just "finished" wasn't anything of the sort.


Tight timeframes ended up in a rushed development cycle, in turn resulting in a game that had huge chunks missing from the final, playable product. Chunks that coders later found out were included on the disc, albeit in a rough, unfinished form.

So some modders took it upon themselves to yank out that code, polish it up, drop it into the final game and give us all the version of KOTOR 2 that developers Obsidian originally intended.

Last week, the team at Deadly Stream announced that their work was done, and that if you own a copy of KOTOR 2, you can download a playable version of the restored content.

I haven't done so myself because, well, I banished all memory of KOTOR 2 some time ago. Anyone that does have a copy lying around, grab a copy from the link below, let us know how it all goes.

TSL_Restored_Content_mod ver1.4 "READY" [Deadly Stream, via Eurogamer]



KOTOR 2 was not the terrible mess everyone implies. Anyone who didn't see the first game's ending coming from a mile away has obviously never watched any television or read a single book. I knew before the intro segment tutorial thing was over exactly what my role was. KOTOR 2 didn't just hand you an answer like that. It was a slower build. You knew you had some kind of connection to events from the first game, but that was it. Much more interesting development and the characters have more depth than the first. I love Bioware to death, but this is one instance where I really don't see them at their best.