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We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Kotaku's E3 2010 'Predictions' & Fantasy Betting Pool

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Next week, all eyes will be on E3, as the video game industry blows the doors off the Los Angeles Convention Center with megaton-caliber announcements amid a sea of 3D games and motion control madness.

What else will happen? Well, we have our suspicions! Some of those suspicions are all but confirmed, some are rumor, some are speculation, and some are fact. But you have to wager which of our predictions are the most accurate—and have the most favorable odds!—to properly bet in the E3 2010 Kotaku Fantasy Betting Pool.

The winner(s) will win a brief flash of internet fame, star commenter status and a reputation for out-prognosticating your run of the mill video game business analyst.


First, the Rules, in order of importance.

1. You may make one comment and one comment only in this post. This comment represents your wager and should not be used to discuss another commenter's bet. Any further comments beyond the wagering comment will disqualify you.
2. Do not add your own predictions to the list of bets. Sorry, you have to bet on our predictions and use our odds.
3. You have 500 Kotaku Points to bet. The minimum bet is 50 KP per prediction, and the maximum bet is 250 KP. Distribute as you will!
4. All bets must add up to 500 Kotaku Points. And you must choose FIVE predictions to bet on. Any bets totaling more or less than 500 will be thrown out. Check your math!
5. Place your bet in this format: (but don't use these fake predictions!)

50 KP - Nintendo announces new Clu Clu Land title for the Wii (80:1)
200 KP - Half-Life 2: Episode Three unveiled for PC and Xbox 360 (3:1)
100 KP - Smaller, cheaper Xbox 360 announced for 2010 release (3:1)
100 KP - J Allard sits down on stage during any keynote. (4:1)
50 KP - Square Enix announces a Final Fantasy VII remake for the DS (10000:1)


Failure to observe the rules above disqualifies your entry, so let it stew until you have it right. In the case of a tie, we'll doing a random drawing to determine the winner.

Got it? Betting ends Sunday, June 13 at 12 PM EST. Have fun!

The Predictions

Luke Plunkett

  • We won't hear squat about a new Half-Life game (1:1)
  • Project Natal is priced at $79 (4:1)
  • Bungie's next game is an action RPG (8:1)
  • There'll be an 8-player dance game announced as a launch title for Natal (2:1)
  • EA unveils Privateer: Steltek's Lament, an all-new adventure in the Wing Commander universe (30,000:1)

Owen Good

  • EA Sports announces Madden Online (150:1)
  • NBA Jam announced for PS3 and Xbox 360 (5:1)
  • Hulu comes to Xbox Live (1:1)
  • Wing Commander reboot announced - for consoles (500:1)
  • Some kind of Michael Jackson DLC in the rhythm/music genre (20:1)

Brian Ashcraft

  • Nintendo will announce a Wii Remote with built-in Wii MotionPlus (2:1)
  • Sony will announce new PS3 colors (2:1)
  • Somebody will confuse Rock Band and Guitar Hero on stage (20:1)
  • Microsoft will roll out at least one Japanese developer to promote upcoming Natal games (5:1)
  • Iwata will pull the Nintendo 3DS out of his coat pocket when he shows it for the first time (10:1)

Stephen Totilo

  • Halo Wars 2 revealed (4:1)
  • Microsoft will announce that FarmVille will come to Xbox Live (5:1)
  • LucasArts actually makes a Star Wars lightsaber game, for Move and MotionPlus (10:1)
  • Wii Music 2 revealed, whether we like it or not (15:1)
  • Halo Reach can detect your tea-bagging poses, via Project Natal (30:1)

Brian Crecente

  • Sony unveils a new PSP this one with two thumbsticks. (1000:1)
  • Valve teases us with a taste of Half-Life 2: Episode Three (100:1)
  • We finally hear something official about a new Syndicate. (50:1)
  • The 3DS has a 3D camera, analog stick, accelerometer and two screens of different sizes. (1:1)
  • Iwata references the 3DS leaks when he unveils the details of the new platform. (20:1)

Michael McWhertor

  • EA reveals Criterion's take on Need For Speed (1:1)
  • Killer Instinct finally comes to the Xbox 360... as a Natal game... that supports Avatars (100:1)
  • David Jaffe brings his new game to E3, a remake of Twisted Metal 2 (5:1)
  • Steel Battalion is revealed as Capcom's core Natal game (16:1)
  • Final Fantasy Versus XIII is announced as a multiplatform title (2:1)

Mike Fahey

  • Square Enix finally makes with the Final Fantasy VII remake to shut everyone up. (500:1)
  • Sony coughs up a UMD solution for the PSP Go (100:1)
  • Microsoft acts as if the Zune doesn't exist (2:1)
  • Surprise! It's The Wii HD, Knocking our socks off (10,000:1)
  • Multiple instances of "Your PlayStation Move is a (insert noun here)" (1:1)

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