Kotaku's E3 2008 Predictions

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That burning sensation you're feeling? It's E3 Fever! With just days to go before the event kicks off formally, speculation is running rampant. Publishers are revealing their line-ups, console manufacturer figureheads are getting their last-minute chemical peels and Ubisoft is scrambling to fit all of its Petz offerings in a 100 square foot allocation at the Los Angeles Convention Center.


And we're making our own guesses about what we'll be seeing from Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony at their respective media briefings. Some things, like X-waggle, a new Animal Crossing and another appearance from PlayStation Home are practically guaranteed. But what surprises will companies like EA, Sega, Take-Two and Capcom bring?

We've thought long, hard and then, harder once more, to nail down our best guesses on what we can expect from E3 2008. Hit the jump for our laser precise insight into what we'll be treated to next week.

Brian Crecente

Home dated and Home game rooms for titles like Resistance and Warhawk detailed (4:1)

Microsoft announces motion controller which will be sold bundled with a game. (4:1)

Microsoft shows off new Xbox 360 user interface (2:1)

Microsoft announces Avatars, its own version of the Mii (1:1)

Microsoft announces new bundle that features white Xbox 360, motion controller and game. (10:1)

Animal Crossing Wii gets stuffed animals with virtual keycodes. (100:1)

EA Take-Two merger unveiled. (10:1)

EA Takes on Bungie as a label partner. (20:1)

Bungie's answer to Mario unveiled (2:1)

At least one celebrity calls one of the music games shown off on stage by the wrong name. (5:1)

Brian Ashcraft

Nintendo will say "We haven't forgotten the core gamer" at its press conference at least three times (5:1)

Square Enix will announce "Kingdom Hearts 3" for the Xbox 360 (10:1)

Don Mattrick will not sport Peter Moore style tattoos (2:1)

Nintendo will announce Animal Crossing Wii, and there will be no voice support (4:1)

Kaz Hirai will wear a pink shirt at the Sony presser (10:1)

Microsoft will announce a Blu-ray add-on (50:1)

Michael McWhertor

Nintendo announces Factor 5 developed Kid Icarus for Wii, spares us a Wii Bow peripheral. (4:1)

Ninja Blade announced as one of the first games to take advantage the new Xbox 360 motion controller. (10:1)

Smaller, cheaper PlayStation 3 announced for 2008 release (10:1)

Grand Theft Auto IV spin-off for Nintendo DS and/or PSP announced. (10:1)

Steven Spielberg's "PQRS" revealed for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. (8:1)

Sega reveals plans to bring Jet Set Radio, Alex Kidd and Typing of the Dead sequels to various platforms. (100:1)

Mike Fahey

PlayStation 2 titles downloadable for PS3. (10:1)

The Xbox 360 gets a web browser. (20:1)

Microsoft announces the Zune Store integration for the Xbox 360. (50:1)

Nintendo Wii gets a workable online service. (100:1)

Sony debuts break-apart motion controller, Nintendo fans break internet laughing (25:1)

Nintendo reveals Mario first-person shooter for the hardcore gamer. (100:1)


Leigh Alexander

We will see more than one new title featuring a with tough-as-nails, strong female protagonist. (2:1)

Nintendo will fail to announce a storage device for Wii, enraging the hardcore with another jovial, upbeat mass-market presentation including at least one head-scratcher peripheral. (4:1)

At least one more major publisher will announce it is developing or porting iPhone games. (2:1)

One awkward, surprise celebrity walk-on will spawn its own internet meme for the coming age. (10:1)

A new Nintendo DS will be unveiled, featuring an accelerometer and a camera. (10:1)

Sega will at last announce a true Sonic platformer, with no lame friends, no creepy love scenes, and no werewolves. (100:1)

Luke Plunkett

Peter Jackson Halo game shown off, people seem confused (3:1)

Pandemic will get around to announcing their sandbox Batman title, will look very dark (2:1)

Someone, somewhere, will spill that Metal Gear Solid 4 will be coming to 360 and PC (4:1)

Microsoft presser dominated by unveiling of a motion controller, will be supported by at least one Viva Pinata game and at least one Raving Rabbids game. (4:1)

BioWare's KOTOR MMO is shown for the first time. Won't be called KOTOR 3. (8:1)


Owen Good

The Conduit gets a publisher. (10:1)

Retro game suite a la Atari 2600 collection announced for the iPhone (20:1)

The Beatles coming to a rhythm game, maybe announcing a new one. (50:1)

It's announced than an FPS using Wii Balance Board under dev. (75:1)

We're given a sneak peek at some DLC upcoming for GTA IV. (25:1)

Lucasarts no longer handling its unnamed Indiana Jones action game. (10:1)

In the next few hours, we'll be opening up the betting pool for predictions in a follow up post, so start reading over our best guesses, compare them to our odds and get ready to participate in the E3 2008 Kotaku Fantasy Betting Pool. Oh, and make sure you read the rules!



Well, let's try mine out...


- Bungie's new title is announced; it's not Halo 4

- MS and Epic announce a release date for Gears of War 2

- Microsoft announces XBOX 360 price drop and new SKU

- Microsoft announces motion control add-on for 360

- Microsoft's Avatars system is announced, gamers "meh" at it

- Alan Wake a no-show yet again

- 360-exclusive GTA4 DLC premiered, not due out until holiday season

- New MistWalker RPG announced; not Lost Odyssey or Blue Dragon 2.


- God of War III announced for spring 2009 release; Kratos may or may not be in Soul Calibur IV

- Resistance 2 beta test period announced for late summer

- New inFamous trailer released, 2009 release date teased

- Sony announces new PS3 model to replace 40GB SKU due this August

- Home open beta period finally officially dated; gamers still don't care

- Sony and Media Molecule announce a LittleBigPlanet open beta this summer, level creations made during the beta period can be submitted for inclusion on the final disc

- Bioshock for PS3 announced to be first new PS3 title to support Home directly out of the box

- Uncharted 2 teaser trailer shown, release date inconclusive

- Sony touts an RPG resurrection, cites Valkyria Chronicles, White Knight Story, Final Fantasy XIII, and Fallout 3; none are actually playable at the show.


- Fire Emblem DS announced for English release

- Reggie talks endlessly about dominating the casual market; gamers fall asleep from boredom

- At least one classic Nintendo franchise is announced to be receiving a Wii revival

- New Wii Zelda game teased, but not officially confirmed; gamers riot over whether it's cel-shaded or realistic

- A major next-gen franchise is confirmed to be getting a Wii spin-off

- More minigame collections announced

- Wii Music announced, demoed by Miyamoto himself with a fake orchestra.

Third Party

- Square Enix officially announces English versions of Kingdom Hearts for PSP and DS, as well as Dissidia; next-gen Kingdom Hearts still a no-show

- Square Enix and Sony announce that the PS3 version of Last Remnant will ship with a Final Fantasy XIII trailer or playable demo, release date due in early 2009.

- Konami and Kojima Productions announce the first Metal Gear Online expansion pack, due out this summer

- BioWare announces release window for Dragon Age; new MMO is hinted at but not officially confirmed

- Activision and EA butt heads over whether Guitar Hero: World Tour or Rock Band 2 is better, gamers suffer in the end

I think most of these are pretty realistic, although I will admit the FFXIII demo idea is basically wishful thinking. It'd be a good way for Square to apologize for delaying the PS3 version of Remnant, though.