Kotaku Talks About The Biggest Games Of 2010 On The Bonus Round

The folks at GameTrailers invited us to take part in the most recent episode of Bonus Round, a chance to chat about (some of) the year's biggest games hitting in 2010. This is that episode!

At least, it's part one of that episode, featuring host Geoff Keighley, Wedbush Securities prognosticator Michael Pachter, Shacknews editor Garnett Lee and Kotaku's me. We chat about games like BioShock 2, Mass Effect 2 and... that might be it. See if you agree with our personal perspectives on 2010's release slate or, if you're like the GameTrailers.com commenters, that I'm a weasel that should be thrown into a pit of fire.


Your choice!

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Paradox me

I wanted to give Garnett Lee a big high five, sticking up for PC like that. The multiple referals to ME2 as a "one platform" title made me sad.

I know it won't sell like the 360 version, but c'mon - you really can't acknowledge it? It's sorta like seeing a giant Xbox 360 logo appear after the commercial for the game, and then either see a tiny "PC" at the bottom or nothing at all.

Ignoring the PC isn't a very good way of improving it's position in today's gaming market.

Also, got my pre-order for BioShock 2 on Steam. :D Actually looking forward to the multiplayer in the game! It looks pretty fun.