Nintendo and Vans may have teamed up to produce some special gaming-themed shoes, but none of them can hold a candle to the monstrosities fresh new designs our readers came up with.

While Vans may only be producing Nintendo related kicks, our ‘shop contest was open to anything and everything to do with gaming. Not that that stopped most folks from designing shoes based on one of the Big N’s franchises. In the end EatonCorvinus’s pun-tacular “Pikashoe” just couldn’t be beat.


Not going to lie, I was a little worried that no one would participate as this was a “special edition” ‘shop contest that only lasted about two days. You all proved me wrong and I couldn’t be happier.

You’re all winners in my book.

cDonald’s Theorem had a similar idea to our winner, but went in a pink direction.

At Risk Asterisk wants us to relive one of the worst game of all time with our feet.

the lone commenter is taking things to a literal level.

F4LV leaked the new NX controller.

00thestonecreek knows what the people really want.

DigiMenace needs to go fast.

CodyKerr77 went super meta on us.

Big Hero 6 God is impervious to spikes.

AlmightyDuke designed a shoe I actually want...

EatonCorvinus put in the extra leg work.

ThePendragon’s shoes are only available as DLC

A_game_tester is ready.

Gaucho85 doesn’t want you to forget Mallow.

Velduanga didn’t read the fine print.

My other car was the other woman knows how they like it in Fire Emblem.

MintRueThyme shows off shoes that can be whatever you want them to be.

Dedwan MY BOY!

Mrichston has a design perfect for walking on salt.

DistractedObserver knows you’ll buy them.

sciteach brings us the only shoes recommended for Blitzball

SteveFish shows us the way of the warrior.

And then there’s our winner EatonCorvinus, who actually had two stellar entries this time around.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Don’t forget that Mike’s Tetris movie ‘shop contest is still going. You still have time to enter if you hurry!