At the beginning of May the house that Mario built and Vans announced they would be partnering to release some special kicks featuring various Nintendo characters. Some look pretty nifty! Others... not so much.

Here are some examples

Classy Zelda slip-on
Overwhelming 8-bit Mario rainbow explosion

And so on.

Your ‘shop assignment, if you choose to accept it, is to design the ugliest pair of gaming-themed shoes you can muster. Doesn’t have to be Nintendo related, just has to be terrible. Or I guess you can shop some of these Nintendo Vans on to gaming characters. Either will do!

Since this is a special edition ‘shop contest it’s only going to be running while I’m guest editor. I’ll be showing off the winners at the end of my shift on Monday (May 30th). That means you only have two days to churn out as many wonderfully bad shoe designs as you can.


Here are some blank Vans to get you going. If you want a different base color there are plenty more to choose from on their website. I swear I’m not being paid by Vans to do this ‘shop contest. But if they want to send me shoes...*cough* Ah, never mind.


You have until Monday at 4pm (EDT). Shoe it up!

Ben is an exceptionally tall freelance writer and author hailing from Indianapolis. He is the current co-host of the gaming history podcast Memory Card and is likely replaying Banjo-Kazooie right now.

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