Yep, that’s about the ugliest PlayStation 4 console I can imagine.

For those of you just joining us, last week I tasked our lovely community with coming up with a PlayStation 4 that was uglier than the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops III limited edition system. Evan Narcisse called it “ugly as sin.” We were going for “uglier than sin” then, I suppose.

This week’s winning entry comes to us via Orionsangel, which I don’t believe is something I’ve said in quite awhile. The face of Martin Shkreli, the pharmaceutical executive and eSports team owner who upped the price of a potentially life-saving toxoplasmosis medication 5,000 percent last month, is pretty much my definition of ugly.

Of course ugly is in the eye of the beholder, and one person’s trash is another’s treasure. That sort of thing. Let’s see what our other readers consider the paramount of hideousness.

Ugly Little Things All In A Row. Or Column.

SeaBeastRising created a PlayStation that looks like my old Trapper Keeper. My old Trapper Keeper was cool.

HalberdierV2’s design, despite its obvious licensing issues, is actually a sloppy sort of wonderful. Tingle cheek analog sticks? Sold.

To Rumblestilzskin nothing is uglier than pants. He’s probably right. Taking mine off.

Velduanga’s “Bigot Blue” PlayStation is such a lovely color. I guess it’s incredibly ugly on the inside.

The ugliest thing about Goufunaki’s entry is that the cool gradient controller deco didn’t carry over to the console itself. That and the ensuing arguments that generally arise whenever feminist media critic Anita Sarkeesian is brought up.


Sarcasticghoul’s entry makes me hungry for cheese and then takes the hunger away just as quick.

Corel D’Artagnan’s entry features hair-triggers. Get it? GET IT. Oh you get it.

CodyKerr77’s entry is almost classy, but the Trump face-colored controller with the hat and the hair made me queasy enough.

Dammit Lecter, I wold buy that controller. The rest, probably not.

BestInSlot— Close enough.


Some people would consider sillstaw’s PollockStation 4 art.

strm just wants to watch the world burn.

SenpaiSoren is an asshole. No offence.

The best execution of recurring theme comes from Paperscissors.

Hollow_Log’s really works if you imagine the way that thin ridged plastic feels beneath your fingertips.








One of the absolute worst comes from sciteach, but he’s disqualified due to not divulging where he got these photos of me.

Just ignore Cristina’s entry and move along. Do not attempt to dscern the meaning of this image.

Awww, but Brikbraker’s looks so cozy.

Why would anyone make an Expendables PS4? Oh, it’s Ozimov.

Zocks2099 just really hates Xs.

Cartoonivore channels his inner LaBeouf.

MrDeadScott is ready for the holidays.

Our runner-up for the ugliest PS4 console goes to...

Dale Cooper, whose Guy Fieri PlayStation 4 with spiked blond hair touchpad made me happy. Also nauseous.

And of course...

Orionsangel for the win!

If your entry didn’t make the cut this week do not fret—there were a million entries and I had to slim things down or I’d be putting this together well into the early morning hours.

You’re all winners in my book.

Just not all in this post.

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