What's on the other side of the most embarrassing gaming experience of 2014? I tasked our community of image manipulation experts with finding out. The results may shock you. Or at least BioShock you.

What does it take to make grown men stick their head into a giant painting of breasts at the biggest game industry event in Japan? Someone suggesting they do it, I suppose. That's not important right now. What's important is this week's winner, Nightshift Nurse.

As at least one commenter pointed out, it's all about Elizabeth standing off to the side with her arms crossed. Hopefully she won't have to throw them anything. While I try to get that thought out of my head, enjoy the rest of this week's winning-ish entries.

This Week's Winners' Circle

jaycifer — because room with a moose.

xenocross — because this is a thing now.

Sonicukun — because this is what man nipples are for.

kamenvolk — because ARRGGHHHH.

Z-01_Lancelot — because this is what ostriches do.

Otheym — becuase he has such sights to show us.

Mzt — because every once in a while we need a Dante's Inferno reference. Never forget.

Ellen J Miller — because I am very old.

Puppetpal — for attempting to censor Nicki Minaj's ass with a Moogle.

Dexomega — for protecting those identitties.

ozimov — for old time's sake.

MrDeadScott -- for thinking with those circle thingies.

JurassicBark — for an idea that I will never be free of as long as I shall live.

Kyle Carter — for a much manlier take on the reversal idea.

Ganonthegreat1 — this is pretty much exactly what I had in mind.

Duraigo — my god.

Chrury Sanson — because I didn't need that good night's sleep anyway.

And of course...

Nightshift Nurse for the win!