Seven days ago on a website right about here somewhere, our Photoshop-savvy readers were tasked with bringing together new Star Wars actors and classic Star Wars settings (more or less). While the brave waxinmyhead claims the prize, there are about 20 others.

This was a really close one, folks. I spent a couple of hours worrying over whether to pick waxinmyhead's Jedi council, or Ginger Snap's Boondock Saints mash-up (see below), but in the end I had to stick with the theme. At least that's what helps me get to sleep at night.

Either way, all of our entrants did an outstanding job, and they all deserve medals, as long as they aren't Wookies.

Arch Duke Maxyenko β€” for all the yub-nub.


Batsdom β€” for being a Wisauss.

Clutchy β€” because it really is.


mulled0220 β€” for the Serkis of values.

MudknotX β€” for making me feel old.


GiantBoyDetective β€” for the money.

Psym β€” for not making Mickey Mouse black and white.


psyko_faze β€” for the smoothness.

Jezze cg β€” for the obligatory princessi.


mirautaj β€” for the sad reality.

Mike Mutiny β€” for leaving the question up to the viewer.


Nelsonic β€” for the last pre-shoot dinner.

Curugon β€” for the real Star Wars Room.


idratio β€” because I want to see this.

Nameless β€” for no. No thank you. No.


octopusmask β€” for making me convert a bitmap, you bastard.

Soleyu β€” because I was kinda hoping for Sad Keanu.


chiefrobertirvine β€” for the next stop.

Ginger Snap β€” for getting appropriately dark.

And of course...


waxinmyhead β€” for the counseling.

Did your 'shop make it into this week's winners' circle? How the hell did that happen? We'll try again tomorrow.