Oh God, what have I done? Oh that's right, I asked the wrong people to create an alternative line of sexy video game Halloween costumes. I brought this on myself, and now I'm bringing it to you.

Talk about a close race. Also talk about massive amounts of guilt, copious amounts of laughter, and some serious confusion followed by real talk of if my wife-creature can cobble together one of those Black Mage costumes. Scroll down, you'll see the one I was talking about.


But not before you've seen this week's winning entry, the nearly-disastrous Star Fox Commando costume. Billysan almost didn't win it — in his original entry Fox was clearly wearing shorts — but he came through in the end and I realized there's no way of phrasing it that wouldn't have sounded dirty.

Speaking of feeling dirty...

This Week's Honorable Mentions, Honorable Being Relative

Taurenrider — because that's one handsome woman.

blazeeeee1 — because where are her legs? WHERE ARE HER LEGS?!

vinuraba — because no! We do not do these things!

ForeverWhatever — even better than....I can't

Zohaibman72 — because some sort of joke about downloadable content, or turn it backwards for junk in the trunk.

Chrury Sanson — for doing this before it ends up in trendy indie porn.

Chuy Hernandez — for this week's most frightening image.

Cartoonivore — for a new kind of creeper.

Blees — for sexy loot cave 1.0

Liquid-X — for sexy loot cave 2.0

Ganonthegreat1 — for constantly living up to his name.

Pikapool — for so many nightmares.

Also_Ran — for bravery in the face of the original image.

uscg_pa — for making me choose between this and the Kotaku fish, you bastard.

GiantBoyDetective — though I'm not sure he thought this sexy sandbag costume through.

DShealey — for coming incredibly close to winning this thing.

Arch Duke Incredibly Long Name — just for typing "Sexy Gabe Newell"

Billysan — for the first ever "Mike's wife forcing him to include this one too" double winning entry award.

Tygore — for the sexiest Mr. Game and Watch ever.

and of course...

Billysan for the win!

Join us tomorrow, when I'll be washing my eyes and soul out with a cutest kitten picture contest.