Last week I tasked the Guardians of Kotaku's image manipulation community with finding something else with which to fill Destiny's sadly empty Loot Cave. Then everything went crazy.

I normally pick the winner of each week's contest and the featured entries by going through all of the entries and picking my favorites. This week's contest had so many good entries, I had to cut it off or I'd have been here all night. So if your image isn't highlighted below, that doesn't mean I didn't love it. It's just sometime love ain't enough.

This week's winner is the esteemed sciteach, with his Lord of the Rings-inspired entry. Why did he win out over other similar entries? Check the skills on the bottom left of the screen. Note the elvish writing on the gun. Details!

Here are the rest of this week's featured entries!

Sebastian sciani — because PULL THE TRIGGER! PULL IT!

Fryingsquirrel — a damn fine first effort.

thegregorious — for reasons I shall not explain.

Greg Ian Riggs — and then the servers went down for maintenance.

Robi Joseph — for the legendary Engram.

Damzor — for being sooooo close to winning.

RoomB31 — for the shadowy figure in the background.

Isaac Davis — because I love a good pun. Or even this one.

Ganonthegreat1 — because the legend never dies.

Forever Whatever — because I was waiting for this one.

Arch Duke Maxyenko — damn gnomes.

Nanttene — because this is what Bungie should have done.

Nightshift Nurse — Duck Tales, woo-oo!

Dragon XVI — for a whole new world of loot.

Little Horst Tappert — for being almost perfect.

JurassicBark — because WoW.

Dan Seitz — awww, so that's where they got it.

bixby — mainly for accurately describing the people I met while farming the loot cave.

aryn — for one shady cave. So much shade in there. Just throwin it out.

KBABZ — Spryo. That is all.

and of course...

sciteach — for the win!

Join us tomorrow for a new Photoshop contest that you've all certainly seen coming.