Kotaku 'Shop Contest: Pixel Farming The Real World: The Winners!

After several painstakingly thorough seconds of consideration, I give you the winner and subsequent other winners of our Stardew Valley-themed Photoshop contest. It was a tough decision, only it really wasn’t.

Whiskeyjack09 bent the rules a little bit in creating this homage to farming Destiny’s famous loot cave, but the glow of the engrams and the little pixel people were too charming not to win. It’s a lovely scene. I wish I were there.


Of course it’s not a Photoshop contest winners post without all of the other winners, so here they are, in no plowticular order.

This Week’s Gold Farmers

Kaploy9 envisions the future of indie farming, watermarks and all.
At least the Hot Coffee in Ozimov’s entry is organic.
BrikBraker’s entry is an instant classic.
Ginger Snap presents the farmer’s daughter.
Doctor Nein used the wrong cows for the right reasons.
MrDeadScott is right—just walk away.
Mrichston envisions a slightly more hazardous Stardew Valley. Better craft some gunpowder.
At Risk Asterisk brows potatoes with his own poop.
Omeanizot recreates movie classic.
graham2k gives Stardew its own hipster barista.
Private_Smiley envisions Minecraft and Harvest Moon having a baby.
Pumslapper knows monsters need love too.
SteveChopz brings us the ultimate team-up attack.

And of course...


WhiskeyJack09 for the win!

Come back tomorrow for another Photoshop contest. Maybe we’ll put screaming mouths on app icons. Or maybe I’ll go with one you folks suggest in the comments. Who knows?


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