When Monster Gaming asked Twitter where it should ship its product, Red Bull eSports responded with a picture of a dumpster. Snappy comeback, but our readers’ responses are much better.

I love it when you folks make this easy. I’m not just talking about good old sciteach coming through with a place to dispose of Monster cases that’s topical, iconic and spot-on (there was a monster in there, after all). I’m also talking about Shuyinsama coming through with a transparent PNG file of the cases so everyone could play. Grats to one, and kudos to the other!

This week’s sub-winners (sure, why not?) are uniformly excellent as well. There’s a heavy general leaning towards Fallout 4, but that’s just because it’s Fallout 4.

This Week’s Sub-Winners (liking that more each time I type it)


Pwntar — for the low-hanging simulated fruit flavor.

Cartoonivore — because G is for Garbage, and that’s good enough for me.


OldManLight — for having fewer calories than regular OldMan.

Milligan —for the greater of two monsters.


Krakn3Dfx — for two things only insane people appreciate.

MrDeadScott — for going old-school with Baxter Stockman.


Jose Sediles — because we all saw this coming.

SaviorSix — for turning back the hands of time.


Dan Seitz — for the expensive yet satisfying garbage launcher ammo.

toolsoldier — for pointing out missed product placement opportunities.


TGS1985 — hahahahahahaha.

Mrichston — for making me want to go play FFXIV.


Deejay Pizzo — and then immediately airlift it away again.

Nick Cage — because Nick Cage, ladies and gentlemen.


Daemic V — I don’t get it, but it has Klingons in it.

Oldtype — for one tough decision with no good ending.


QuantumAxiom — for reading some poor Dasani marketer’s mind.

Urambo Tauro —for Mr. Postman.


uscg_pa — for discovering the fifth element.

SonicBoom — for just mixing the hell out of everything.


Bloodfart2112 — for uncovering Monster’s secret recipe

Polyninja — because this seems like a good place.


DistractedObserver — for getting there first.

NegaScott128 — for ewwwww.


bangbangbangbangbang — for a Photoshop even better than that Zelda one.

RecklessWanted — because they’re not using it.


SFAfreak — because this is just what we need in our skies.

Spencer — they’ll probably make a free-to-play mobile game out of it.


joeyT045— because it fits.

PinkDingus —now we’re never getting back to Earth.


SquareSide — would it sell better if it were Munster?

Kyo Hamashi —when just peeing in the tank isn’t good enough.

And of course...


sciteach for the win!

Great job, everyone! Tune in later today to see if I figure out that no one actually tunes in to a web site.

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