Last week I asked our Photoshop-savvy readers for live-action Sonic The Hedgehog. They gave me gold.

Sorry, Sony, but there's no way your live-action/animated Sonic movie will be half as entertaining as these winning entries. I've not laughed out loud this many times since I started running the weekly Kotaku 'Shop Contest. Seriously, my sides hurt.


The overwhelming hilarity and absurdity made it incredibly hard to pick a winner this week, so I gathered a group of potential winners, and let my wife decide. My wife, the Wes Anderson fan. Antoineandtheblows really lucked out with that decision. Just a simple word swap, a few pasted bits, and bam.

As for the rest of this week's winners — I'm sure I'd enjoy each of these more than whatever Sony comes up with. Excellent job, my friends.

William Harvey — for the nightmares.

[A] — for making me look this up.

Cutthroat Bill — for doing Forrest Gump

Huenchu — for going the extra mile (fast)

Nick-o-lass — because it almost fits.

Bizwax — for Bill Murray's best screen performance

Ginger Snap — because all they'd need is foam heads

Clutchy — though he's anything but usual

Danihound — because this would be an improvement

uscg_pa — because I want this now, dammit

JustWaitingForAMate — for another movie I'd probably enjoy

ahoihoi — for kicking it old school

Iconoclast24 — for I too would like to see this movie

HookHandCarDoor — for making me remember this movie was a thing

Cartoonivore — first time's the charm

Septemtriones — for the sheer what the fuck?

Chrury Sanson — because I am pretty sure this is what the actual movie will be

kflebeda — nicely done!

SonicWarriorTJ — for being so subtle

NinostheBOSS — for almost, but not quite

CheekyDesign — for blue Uma chest

Gretnablue — for setting the mood

turtlejosh — for getting Sonic married

Alex — wasn't this already a real movie?

RickyTheVoice — for appropriate use of twisted Sonic

GiantBoyDetective — because he had a plan. He had a plan.

Arch Duke Maxyenko — for the beef

arniejolt — because I know why he chose which head went where

Saulsalsa — for getting it right the second time

Dylan Sunkel — for the placement of that spring platform alone

F50!! — for the enthusiasm

MrDeadScott — because I just now got it

sciteach — because that hat looks awfully silly

Tom Bomb — for making me all misty-eyed

curugon — for a movie starring Zak Efron, Rihanna and Sir Ben Kingsly

SubieRoo — for keeping the dream alive

And finally...

Antoineandtheblows — for the win

Come back tomorrow for another exciting contest, and perhaps I'll finally get around to that other thing folks keep asking about.