Two weeks ago I asked our readers to picture worse places for Luke Skywalker to be than being teabagged by Imperials in Star Wars: Battlefront. What I got back was a photo tour of Skywalker nightmares.

This week’s winner not only picked one of the most nightmarish Star Wars scenarios ever—inside the Star Wars Kinect dancing game—he also tweaked the original Luke Skywalker image into the saddest Luke Skywalker ever. If the creator, sciteach, would be so kind as to drop a PNG of Sad Luke for us all to share forever, we would appreciate it.


Let’s see where the rest of this week’s standouts (the ones I arbitrarily picked) took our poor Jedi friend.

This Week’s Runners Up, Or A Photo Tour Of Skywalker Hell

Kyo Hamashi — for reminding me that Neal Mcdonough was once a Starfleet officer.

Fizziks — because oddly enough this was in my head as well.

Gene Jacket — for the one we’re never getting an HD remake of.

Ozimov — for kicking it old school.

Mrichston — because that’s what he gets for duckface.

abracadaniel — because...hey, why is my house worse than being teabagged by Imperials?

TheQGamer — for introducing me to this wonderful video.

SubiRoo — what’s so bad about this? I don’t get it. Seems romantic.

GR1M RACER: because the face goes with the hair.

HaZe32 — for one of sooooo many Zoolander ‘shops.

Menno Wittebrood — because this is the worst.

Velduanga — in before Luke leaves Konami, but not really.

Tedsallis — I’d probably buy it.

dangerism — never forget the ball pit.

Maria Gonzalez — worst job ever.

uscg_pa — though should have used sad Luke face.

lharm — well I guess that answers that question.

thegregorious — because Grumpy Cat is all out of fucks to give.

NanashiNoProfile — awwww, dammit.

Link2434 — because making CG schoolgirls into Luke Skywalker is hard.

Jefferson Davis — representing the 200 million Republican candidate ‘shops.

beep-Beep-boop — because this is kind of perfect.

Drannion — this is also kind of perfect.

Merylas — thank you, Disney Infinity, for ensuring this doesn’t happen.

CyberKender — though wouldn’t this be a much better place?

Town Idiot25 — for taking things too far.

And finally...

sciteach for the win!

Sorry for the delay, folks. Was deathly ill last weekend and wading through all the entries was making me die. So I stopped.

Tune in later today for America’s Next Top ‘Shop Contest.