Last week I tasked our image manipulation experts with hiding an enormous prehistoric shark from the vengeful players of Battlefield 4. Judging by the volume of entries we received, there isn't a single visible megalodon left in all of creation.

Another week where there were so damn many good entries, and while Der-Kleine's eventual triumph over Kinja to share this wonderful jab at the game that spawned the contest was fins-down the best, the rest of the entries were tied for second or third.

Here's second place, then.

big_ole_nate — for obvious reasons

Contrarianator — for sentimental reasons

sciteach — for a good idea

alterwk — for excellent execution

keekooko — because planes

GiantBoyDetective — for striving to be the very best

arniejolt — for giggles

etark — for the reason Photoshop exists

amcclain09 — because it had to be done

uscg_pa — not sure where the shark is, but I like it

Cobby — wait, why did I type that?

SteveFish — for duty


shmuga9 — for staying classy

MasterChef_117 — for the Fonzie upshort

TheOtherGuest — for black flagging it

halfbeast — for double-beasting it

Sylvers — for the moon

Brandon0151 — for 9,999 points of damage

Pedro Silva — for the memories

teddyballgamer — for making me choke on soda

ChosenCharacter — for secrets

99Typhoons — for smart programming

retrofan — for making me hungry

Homeless_Zombie — or giving me nightmares

wheres_my_burrito —just because

Der-Kleine — for the win