Last week we asked our image manipulating community to show us what sorts of games they’d like to see on the minty-fresh Apple Watch. As it turns out, most of them are insane. Oops.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, mind you. Just an observation, really. They probably think I’m insane as well, since I passed over most of the high star earning entries for AlmightyDuke’s successful attempt at making Super Hexagon even more difficult. I could see this happening, and it frightens me.


Check out the rest of this week’s winners to see what also frightens me, albeit to a somewhat lesser extent.

This Week’s Almost Winners

Brand Silven — for true next-gen gaming.

PatriceB — for nice sentiment that’s never gonna happen.

sillstaw — for the tiniest dots ever.

Caven — for making myBatman dreams come true.

Chrury Sanson — for the smallest Duel Disc ever.

vien11 — for Digimon, digital monsters, Digimon are the champions.

Tristanix — for Nintendo’s first Apple Watch game.

Noah Robertson — for predicting four or five Apple Watches from now.

AhmedX360 — for the inevitable flood of peripherals.

AKComic — for the most appropriate use of an Apple Watch.

hierronacho — because this is just beautiful.

trixster90 — for kicking it old school.

apt4894 — the most personal amiibo yet.

Ikemen — for clicking all of the cookies.

Shinrawr — for proving how accurate the Apple Watch is.

SteveFish — for showcasing the Apple Watch’s health features.

Steve Bowling — though it’s already sold out.

Freyar — for one of Apple’s many competitive video games.

Ciaran — for not being the only one who would buy this.

Burkus Cat — Wait for it...

arniejolt — because this is actually a pretty great idea.

Ginger Snap — oh snap!

Ozimov — hook it to the heart monitor for the win.

r1ggs — because someone ran with my Game and Watch idea!

toolsoldier — for Wrist Pong.

My other car was the other woman — for Two-Player Wrist Pong.

Servant_of_Kane — for an incredibly clever callback.

Mrichston — for an incredibly tiny but strangely sexy Watch Dogs.

BruceWayneByDay —- because there’s always at least one.

Shepster — for the inevitable.

GiantBoyDetective — because its pretty much what the watch adds to iPhone games.

Kcity — for realistic wrist-kickings.

thegregorius — for the finest Age of Empires delivery device known to man.

spaceludes — for something I want more than an Apple Watch.

Mrglgrgl — for making the unplayable even more unplayable.

sciteach — for making me get dizzy and throw up. Seriously, I threw up a little imagining this.

lhsus — because its know...that time.

Ganonthegreat1 — for urging those Power Rangers to go, go.

RayJingbul — because there’s always two. Just two.

Stoutflies — because fuck you for even suggesting this you monster.

NotGoodForYou — wins the Most Obvious award, with runner up...

Brandon0151 — sharing the honors.

Halfbeast — because Brain always wins.

pkmnfrk — because WHAT THE HELL DOES IT MEAN? Must buy more hours!

and of course...

AlmightyDuke — for the win!

Should my slowly melting cable modem hold up, we’ll do another of these later today!