Last week-ish I asked our readers to use the power of Photoshop to beat the inevitable flood of Pokémon Go-alike games to the punch. Together they’ve created an array of imaginary AR games ranging from compelling to mildly murderous.

Though I graciously gave everyone an extra day or two to get their entries in and wasn’t just late in posting the results at all, the overall winner was pretty much a shoe-in from day one. I’ve been giggling about Greg the Mad’s Mirror’s Edge Go entry all week. What the rooftops of our world really need are a serious of rails and walkways that aren’t really there.

I’m imagining one guy amidst a room of excited game execs, wondering if he should say something.

Suddenly it’s raining cellphones! Oh, and people. That’s bad.

Of course Greg the Mad is just the best of this week’s winners. I’ve picked 20 also-winners from the outstanding entries you all submitted, which we’ll get to shortly. I’ve also gone back to the contest post and approved all pending entries, so if you get to the end of this list and want more, then by all means.

Runners-Up Go!

Doctor Nein’s Fatal Frame Go was another early favorite, with its Samsung Galaxy Obscura.

Shuyinsama taps into our deep love and respect for Shoe.

Chrury Sanson might be onto something here.

Hundredgunner’s Punch-Out Go feels like it wouldn’t be quite as satisfying as just punching.

Welp, there goes Tokyo. Thanks, Mrichston.

Endless Final Fantasy battles is a good idea, AR or no. Nice one, Zandu.

Nothing would make me kill my phone faster, Amazingmao.

Hahahahaha, sciteach.

Something seems off about Velduanga’s entry.

My other car was the other woman’s entry seems safe. Nothing bad could happen.

psyko_faze’s entry only works in large crowds.

I can already see the safety warnings, Gonçalo Martins

SoraRiku’s entry just makes me feel old.

This seems perfectly safe, weiglo.

Robert L. Lynch imagines never having to speculate where the next AC game is set again.

I’m glad lharm did this.

Prodevin gives us Jojo Go. Go. JoGo. Bizarre.

KoltJolt goes obligatory.

I love you, Pete.

dev-details-il’s entry is a grand adventure.

Was that 20? It felt like 20 to me. Feel free to post your own winners in the comments below, and join us eventually for the next Kotaku ‘Shop Contest. One day. Who knows? Someday, I suppose.