Last week I asked our community to create their dream custom video game console. One of them created mine, which wasn't technically the contest, but I'll accept it.

So many excellent entries this week, but there's just something about RattleheadXYZ's fun take on Xbox One VCR comments that grabs me by the youth and shakes vigorously. I miss having a blinking 12:00 in my entertainment center. I really do.


Makes me want to hook up an old VCR, or maybe fashion some sort of blinking sticket application. Also, I want the Halo Master Chief Collection on VHS.

For the rest of this week's featured entries, look below the label calling them such.

This Week's Featured Entries!

Guttercat88 — because that was indeed a fine game.

DashM0ney — because god wills it so.

SaperPL — because I fully support car-fronted consoles.

gamerjerome — for one small modification that would make everything better.

emummy — mainly for the D&D cartoon references.

Penguin McCool — my favorite Xbox One on this station.

Dedwan — for best use of Mario face wallpaper.

el-allen — because I'd buy two of these.

ParamedicFoetus — now that's a Wonder Swan. Swan.

toolsoldier — and I would buy four of these, for no reason.

heXago — this is a horrible 'shop, but I cannot argue with the message.

Zohalbman72 — this is your dream?

Fizziks — just a lazy U away.

Arch Duke Maxyenko — because I fully support Buick car-shaped consoles even more.

MrDeadScott — because we can't. We just can't.

crunchmonkey — for making me watch Too Many Cooks. You bastard.

Kcity — because this is actually quite sexy.

uscg_pa — double points if it opens a secret door when pulled forward.

Ozzymoff — for his amazing Cage Box. Great job, Aussiemolv!

BestInSlot — for driving home the fact that the Wii U needs a bright red LED in the middle.


sciteach — for best use of Fett.

and of course...

RattleheadXYZ for the win!