The announcement of Final Fantasy VII’s Cloud for Super Smash Bros. got us thinking about which other games he could be in, which led to a Photoshop contest, which led to hilarity.

Our image manipulating readers sure make judging contests like this difficult, especially when the people entering know my penchant for animated Persona dancing GIFs. In the end I was able to put my persona(l) bias aside and pick the winner I think best meshes the character’s distinctive qualities with the game in question.

The MASSIVE sword. The limit gauge, the obscured vision—billysan wins the battle robotic hands down.

Of course that’s not saying there weren’t other amazing entries. Check these out:

This Week’s Creative Clouds


2ndopp-- but make no mistake, this is the end.

PorkchopSanderson — because I know a guy we can talk to about this.


Kyo Hamashi — because I’d play this twice.

Gio —because that sounds delicious.


BrineBlade — because if the sword fits...

Designasaurus — no.


WD333 — I SAID NO.

SonicBoom — Though I am not seeing the berries. Maybe I don’t want to.


kaploy9 —because I want a really big keyboard.

Mrichston —same company, right? Make it happen.


Dylan Sunkel — Heavy Raincloud? BWAHAHAHAHA.

kyxsune — this really, really needs to happen.


Zedrue — PERFECT.

OstegoAmigo — this is a really tough call.


uscg_pa — now that’s a lightsaber.

AirwaveRanger — because Cloud is best girl.


Sora Hjort — wrong cloud!

Drakn Reznall —for Soul Cloudibur.


discoron77 — NEVER DO THIS AGAIN!

MrDeadScott — figures he’d be the $1 case.


codexcdm — because there is no escaping Bob Ross.

DistractedObserver — mainly because this Cloud sprite is awesome.


billysan’s other entry —because I have the weirdest... image right now.

Merylas — for teasing us. Seriously. We want this.


amazingmao — because this is going to happen. Well, without all the doughnuts.

Ihsus — because there is never enough love for Cloud Mario.


Kaiochi — NO ESCAPE!

Taurenrider of the Awesome Chips — who knows how hard this choice was.

And of course...


billysan for the win!

Join us next time, when the Photoshop contest will involve making giant white squares, though probably not.