“Pick a side, and then make it better than the other side.”Those were the instructions I gave in our Civil War-themed Photoshop contest. These are the results.

Originally published 5/11/16

Earlier this week I mentioned postponing these results to the weekend due to sickness, but I made it back in time to run them on Wednesday, so here we are, face to face, a couple of superhero teams in battle.

What I was looking for was teams full of various characters. Just massive arrays of characters. I didn’t get many of those, but I did get plenty of additions that certainly made one team better than the rest.

Look at this week’s overall winner from Linkstwitch. There is no way Team Tony can beat this. No way.


Some entries were more subtle than others. Here are my other favorites.

This Week’s My Other Favorites


At Risk Asterisk didn’t get the memo about making the team stronger, just got Team Cap killed.

Amazingmao thinks the Spider-Man from Japan would make a better teammate.


Gorillantor missed the whole pick one side memo, but the results are lovely.

Pedro Silva started off his entry with “Because sgt peppers is too cliche,” prompting our own Civil War.


Doctor Nein’s is kind of cheap, but at least he didn’t replace the whole team except Black Panther with Power Rangers.


Though now that I see it, Vazer’s entry works as well.

What, no Star Wars characters, Medski?


MrDeadScott pictures Mr. Lang, Scott adding to the troops.

Cause this is sciteach’s entry.


Donnie Storm helps everybody find Bucky.

An entire team of Downey, plus some random Avengers, courtesy of lharm.


Sean Huber keeps things Drizzy.

durroth had the right idea here.


Mrichston teaches Valve to count to three.

Dedwan knows what they call a Civil War in France.


Articulated Heroines has the power of heart.

OhYeahItsJohn knows a little Deadpool goes a long way.


Chief05 knows but doesn’t care.

Finally we have Requisite_Shark adding the likes of Ponyboy and Sodapop to the ranks of Team Tony. Tonyboy. Something.


If you didn’t get picked this week, let it be known that I randomly didn’t pick several entries for the sake of randomly not picking.

Tune in this weekend for a re-up of this post, followed by an All-New, All-Different Photoshop contest!