Kotaku 'Shop Contest: Bowser's Big Interview

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Earlier this week Nintendo of America proudly announced that it had hired Mr. Doug Bowser as its new vice president of sales. What I want to know if how he dressed for that interview. I think our readers can help.


Or Steve thought our readers could help and I used his suggestion, even though I can never remember which real name goes with which Kinja handle. Oh wait, it’s sciteach! Thanks, Owen Good email from a year and a half ago!

Now that we’ve gotten that settled, let’s get down to business. There is no way a man named Bowser just walks into Nintendo’s offices in a suit and tie. I mean, sure there’s a way, but that way is reality and no one enjoys reality at all. Outside of reality he could have crashed through the office window in a cart, held the meeting on an axe-controlled drawbridge, or required that the executives interview him three times before admitting defeat and moving on.

Here’s Nintendo’s official shot of Mr. Bowser. Use it nicely, or just go with one of Bowser’s more traditional looks.

Illustration for article titled Kotaku 'Shop Contest: Bowser's Big Interview

All I ask is that we try to keep this one fun. Despite his name, Bowser is a real person who may browse (or bowse) through these entries if he can get past Nintendo of America’s strict office internet filters.

You have until next week, when Doug is replaced with Dave Koopa.

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I swear, every time I hear Doug, I think of that cartoon series that started on Nickeloden...