Last week's 'Shop Contest asked our readers to envision the future of the Nvidia Shield, a product that's been three things in as many years. And while sciteach's entry doesn't quite depict that, it would make for a much more interesting press conference.

I'd call the win a technicality, but I'm not going to be the one referring to Samuel L. Jackson as a technicality. Just look at that hypnotizing face movement. It's useless to resist him.


As for the other, more thematically-adherent entries... well, most of them are winners too. They're just winners of a lower rank.

This Week's Junior Agents

PaperTig3rs — because the future is VR.

Buck Stanley — For the first of several Zelda-themed 'shops.

Clokie — yes, you are definitely doing it right.

FlyingDorkProd — because I'd almost forgotten about this show.

cateotu — for the CIRCLE OF LIIIIIIIIFE.

Bravesta — because I am pretty sure they run Android.

TheOneWhoAteYourPizza — for no reason at all, least of all HAIL HYDRA.

Mrichston — for making me remember Hasselhoff as Nick Fury.

MrDeadScott — because when I was a kid I used to joke she had a sister named Panty. I thought it was hilarious.

rla187 — for being the second one to make this connection.

Pain-in-the-Sass — for being the first 0ne to make this connection.

sillstaw — for the inevitable Nvidia Shield/Borderlands erotic fan fiction to follow.

GiantBoyDetective — because I'm sure it could block a few blows before shattering.

My Little Metroid — for using my original top image idea.

Octopus-Crime — because he looks like he plays.

Doctor Nein — for a much more useful shield.

amazingmao — for living up to that adjective.

GreatPaperClip — for the reversal

DistractedObserver — ouch man, just ouch.

Orionsangel — because apes are always great, even lie apes.

And of course...

sciteach for the win!

Congrats to everyone ever, whether they made a Photoshop contest entry or not.