Kotaku Rough Draft: Day Two

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Yesterday, we launched an experiment called Kotaku Rough Draft. And today we're back. Well, I'm back, at least.


The idea here is that Rough Draft—or whatever we're going to finally call it—will be a place on the site where we drop in a lot of the material that Kotaku editors are sharing with each other throughout the day in our private chat-room: press releases (that we mock), story pitches (that we consider), crazy images or videos (that we don't often post), notable Tweets (that we gawk at), etc.

Why keep all that fun to ourselves?

The idea here is that we'll drop a lot of that into the discussions below, so that we're not keeping some of our more interesting exchanges to ourselves and so that we can give you even more material. The idea yesterday was that we'd all do it, but today we're going to try something different. Today, I'll be the only staffer droping stuff in. And then maybe on Monday we'll let another Kotaku editor run this thing. We'll rotate. Maybe?

So look through the discussions below for whatever stuff is catching my eye today. I'll add more stuff throughout the day as it comes in.


Stephen Totilo

Regarding the name of this thing: "Water Cooler" generated a lot of positive discussion, but I'm not sure it fits this rotating-editor model. We'll see. More ideas are welcome!